Big Cats – Tigers

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted in awhile! With school starting, everything has been crazy!

The last post I wrote was about me making a clothing store and trying to help tigers. Well, I would like to say that it is all very official now! I am super excited for this opportunity! I think it will be great experience with the business world and will help me in many ways for my future!(:

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Online Store – Help Me Save Tigers!

Hello everyone!

The other day I was looking through Ivory Ella’s online store and for those of you who don’t know what Ivory Ella is, I will explain. They make clothes with this cute elephant print on them and some of their profit goes to a charity in order to save elephants from harm. I began to wonder why is there only one of these stores for elephants? Why not tigers?

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Health and Foods

This Summer I have dedicated a lot of time into figuring out what is wrong with my health. This past school year, I was sick almost twice a week and dropped about 15 pounds. By sick, I mean that I would have a queasy stomach, pain in my stomach, acid reflux, I would lose my appetite, it was rough. In all honesty, I didn’t have to lose weight at all. I was about 120 when I started and ended at 105. My parents were extremely worried and I was also, along with stressed, tired, angry, frustrated, etc. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Continue reading “Health and Foods”

gluten free cookies (:

If you’ve ever tried a gluten free diet, you may know that, sometimes, gluten free foods and snacks absolutely stink because, let’s face it, gluten makes things taste better. Gluten allows food to be soft and without it, gluten free breads, cookies, cakes, anything really tends to be spongy…which isn’t as satisfying.

Recently, at a family party, I met this couple who are family friends and the wife found out she had a gluten allergy. When she found out that my sisters and I also have a gluten problem, she made these wonderful, awesome gluten free chocolate chip cookies for us. Honestly, I was addicted. They were the most incredible cookies I have ever had in my life (maybe even better than gluten filled cookies?).

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Italy, work, life…

I’m really bad at posting on here anymore. I’ve been so busy recently! I have been working a lot more in order to save money for my trip to Italy in the Summer and I’m trying to get more tutoring jobs! Unfortunately, I have had some complications with planning my trip. I hope to fix them soon but I’m not too sure what’s going to happen. 😦 

I would really like to find some kind of host family. I feel like that would be incredible but I didn’t find a website where you can become a nanny in Italy for two months! I feel like at better way to focus on speaking and listening than with kids! They use simple language that would be amazing practice for beginners. I guess we will see where this goes!

Something new I’ve tried doing also is writing a novel. I’ve always been told that I have a talent for writing but I was too afraid to try anything. Recently, I’ve stopped being as afraid as I was before. I’m ready for a challenge! I wrote about 25 pages and then another 25 for the ending. It feels great to write especially since I used some of my own personality and personal events for my characters. I am now looking up literary agents and trying to ge  some advice about the writing world! I’m excited for this new opportunity and I hope it can take off. 

I definitely feel as if I have changed in the past few months. I’m more confident, outgoing, happier, I feel ready to take on the world. (The warm weather and sun could definitely be helping me, hah!)  I’m excited for what’s new to come this semester also! In a way, I’m not ready to go back and deal with the stress of my one professor but I’m excited to finish another semester and be one step closer to my dream job.(:

Update on Life

Sorry everyone!

I’ve been away for awhile. This past semester was extremely rough for me: both mentally and physically. I know this sounds lame but I got my first “B” in Italian class and it did upset me. I’ve always gotten A’s and worked really hard but, whatever. I mean, my final had to be on relating the tomato to the history of Italy. I got a 74%. I don’t really know how that is going to help me with my Italian but oh well. (I’m still a little bitter because the classes are NOT helping me with my Italian but I have to take them).

All of this stress that I have had due to my professor has really gotten to me recently (actually will be seeing the dean about these issues). Well, I don’t know if it’s stress exactly or also my digestive problems but, it was rough. I got really sick unfortunately. It was all to the point where I couldn’t eat…if I did, it was very, very little. Unfortunately, I lost about 15 pounds and was sick about 3 times a week. So, what did I do? I found a new doctor! Finally, I am getting over my doctor fears and so, I found a new doctor and made an appointment.

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